Meet the Vimeo Style Guide

Here you’ll find editorial, product copy, and brand messaging guidelines for all those who wish to write or speak as the hallowed Vimeo. Be it for an email, landing page, or button, we’ve got rules (and helpful tips) for writing those words.

How do I use this thing?

To ensure that Vimeo sounds like Vimeo across every channel, platform, and product, we’ve combined all our writerly rules and put them in one place. We hope you’ll consult this guide, along with chatting with our friendly copywriters. This will help us keep Vimeo sounding like Vimeo, whenever and wherever someone encounters us.

The Vimeo Style Guide combines A.P., Chicago, and a dash of house style to bring you the perfect verbal blend you’ll see within these sections. We also draw from smarter people’s thoughts on accessibility, localization, content strategy, and UX writing. This is all to say we’ve thought a lot about these decisions. But we welcome your feedback! Which brings us to…

Can I contribute?

Definitely! Well, probably. If you’ve got ideas for how we could add to or improve this thing, we’d love to hear about it. Anyone with a Github account can update our posts and make a pull request, which our word-obsessed team will carefully review. Thanks for asking. You’re always so thoughtful.